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Theophanes Avery is an avid blogger with a diverse set of interests. If you liked Tales from the Birdello you may enjoy some other works by this author:

Catching Marbles: When I moved off the farm I had to fill that void of activity I had so I took to wanderin’ the beautiful countryside of New England, snapping photos, singing, and enjoying every nature walk and quirky little shop I could find. This is the travel blog of those journeys.

Deranged Thoughts from a Cluttered Mind: This blog is to homage to all the  very strange and wonderful people who have wandered in and out of my life and the wild and whimsical situations they have put me in. It’s meant to give you a good chuckle. Currently there’s also a few humorous historical rants in there as well but these will be divided out soon to make a different blog all their own. I appreciate your patience!


The Boneless Chicken Party: I’ve have had “chronic fatigue syndrome with abdominal pain” since I was twelve that has completely derailed my life a few times. I think it was caused by the house I was living in at the time and the house I was forced to move back to due to financial reasons. It is not all doom and gloom though, this is meant to be a blog of  hope and inspiration – showing just what I can achieve and how. I hope to provide comfort, support, and knowledge to whomever decides to read it.