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On Breeding Dual Purpose Sex Links

Well, my life is calming down a lot and spring is coming up so it’s time to start refocusing my attention on this homesteading blog. Now, I know, I am no longer on a homestead, but I am working towards it again and in the meantime people are still asking me all sorts of chicken… Continue reading On Breeding Dual Purpose Sex Links

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Fundraising Stage One – Working on Donation Prizes

Well it’s been a little bit since I announced my plans to try and do a crowdsourcing campaign for my next big project. I have been wandering around in deep reflection trying to figure out what I was going to use as donation prizes. Could I use some of my old art work? I thought… Continue reading Fundraising Stage One – Working on Donation Prizes

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An Invitation to Come on a New Journey

The death of Rindle Ridge Farm beckons the birth of a new larger idea – and a request for help.

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Predators in our Midst

We continue to play with the game camera and it seems every time I get more disturbing results. First it was just feral cats, possums, blue jays, mice, and one very large and very old groundhog. I was perfectly content with these but when the dozens of raccoon photos started to pour in – on… Continue reading Predators in our Midst