Chickens are the gateway drug to homesteading…

If you don’t believe me, Theophanes Avery, just read a few of my blog entries. I started with one little hatchery bred flock and it was all downhill from there! First there were the eggs, those sweet delicious  home brewed eggs, and then there were so many lovable little fluffy birds warming the very cockles of my heart. I didn’t stand a chance. It was love at first sight.

From there I kept my original flock for two years before I was ratted out by the neighbors for having livestock. They were my first heartbreak as I loaded them into a cage and gave them to someone else. I moved not long after and started running a proper poultry farm – this time the birds were free range and I bred them for meat, eggs, and sale. At their peak I had over 200 of them (although you would never have guessed there were that many running free in the sunshine and grass.) They were joined by Belgian Hares, Angora bunnies, Miniature Appleyard Ducks, Runner Ducks, and even three Kinder Goats. I was so happy but nothing lasts forever and I found myself moving back into a chickenless suburbia when certain things beyond my control conspired against me.

I’m still here, in a quiet little pocket neighborhood, without my livestock or chickens, but I haven’t given up hope. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I belong on a farm and it’ll be on a farm I settle again someday – this time with a fierce independence known only to the most savage of pioneers. In the meanwhile I continue to garden, to keep a small handful of bunnies, to build my enclosures and furniture, to work on many art and writing projects, to visit Farmer’s Markets and Craft Fairs, and to write about all these experiences. Someday I hope my writing and art can get me out of here as I have deep aspirations of building my own shipping container home on a nice large lot, a place to start a proper homestead and perhaps host classes about the life.

So enjoy and feel free to check out my other blogs!