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The Struggle Continues

As my living situation becomes intensely more tenuous I am finding it difficult to get everything done I need to get my fundraising campaign off the ground. I was able to make a bunch of magnets but all the other donation prizes I have conjured up have had one issue or another – from making mold that worked, to figuring out selling resin copies of anything is really too expensive unless I have the money to front it first or the donation is pretty damn high. I don’t really have the money to cover it but I might be able to swing it. It’s become very bothersome. I wanted to make this huge, I wanted to make the donation prizes very nice and worth the money and very much part of me and my art but all I have found is I need to make something that takes very little space (as I am literally getting close to the point where I have to surf couches to have a roof over my head) and it needs to be something that costs me virtually nothing. Obviously these things make it very difficult!!

I started making animal shaped beads and charms in the hopes I could do something with that but of ten designs only one mold worked… of a bunny. I guess we do a lot of bunnies (as the magnets I already made are also bunnies.) Lets hope the rabbit people step up to the plate on this one! I need to figure out what to make with the mold too as it doesn’t come out looking like a bead! I am thinking maybe just a little ornament or charm. Think I will paint them all with hammered bronze finish.

In the mean while here is how to donation prize train looks right now:

$1 – a mention in my blog/on my website

$5 – A bunny magnet


$10 – A signed print (not 100% on the photo I will be choosing yet but here’s a runner up)

Dorking Mafia

$25 – Three Bunny charms (these ones are just out of the mold and need to be cooked and painted – I will update the photos when I can.)

$50 – A mushroom Magnet


$100 – A set of hand painted resin light switch covers (Again – need to paint these, will update when I do….)


$500 – A hand sculpted, one of a kind, candle holder of any animal of your choosing

Highest Bidder — my large original sculpture (and if there’s more than one I will make another.) Right now this is a bull in the works who will be cavorting with other farm friends.