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Shipping Containear Homes & Campaign Update

Well life here has been chaotic and intense but I have faired each wave well. I can’t say I appreciate living amongst such massive uncertainty but there’s little I can do about that. Instead I continue to plot…. sadly due to money concerns I have had to change my donation prizes to something I can actually afford to make…. Apparently resin is not as cheap as I had once been led to believe so the candle holders are likely a no go and I am still unsure about the light switches. I have started making animal shaped charms and pins. I feel a bit like a sell out but I got to do what I got to do. I will be posting photos of all that soon.

In the meantime I have learned of an even cheaper housing option than making my home inside a barn kit. Apparently you can buy used metal shipping containers, the kind that cargo is placed in to go across the sea on a ship, for about $2000 a piece and if you want to dig around you can buy them in bulk for cheaper. Each container is forty feet long, eight and a half feet wide, and eight and a half feet tall. They are wind and water tight and people do make them into homes. Initially I thought they’d be a pain to insulate but after realizing I could get six for half the price of the barn kit…. Well! My views softened. WORST case scenario I can get one for 2k and work my way up from the bare bottom. BEST case scenario I raise the money I initially wanted to and invest in six – four for myself and two to create a barn.


I don’t need four units for myself to live in, two will be very sufficient, but four allows for some interesting possibilities. I could stack them like Lincoln logs in a square allowing for a courtyard as well as four interesting spaces….. The bottom two spaces could make great areas for a greenhouse/shed/dry storage for stacked wood. The top areas could be made into porches, greenhouses, or eventually I could board them up into rooms in their own right. This would be a truely massive house but here’s the reason that could be great 1) I could make it a duplex with each living space taking two shipping containers, and rent out the other half. 2) If I had to I could forgo getting thirty acres, settle for ten or so, build this big house perfect for a large family, setting up the property as a starter homestead and sell it to earn the money to buy a bigger plot of land and start my larger plans from there or 3) I could use the extra space as work space – a wood shop, a classroom, a pottery shop, perhaps even a chapel! Here’s a crude illustration I made with butter. Just imagine each stick is a shipping container and the blank spaces in the bottom are greenhouses, the blank spaces on the top porches at the very least.


There’s another exciting bit about this and that is the additional two shipping containers which I would use for an instant barn since barns do not need to be insulated. They can be used as is or if I have the money I could put a roof over them and have space for a car port in the middle. Either way things are looking up.