Snow, snow, a creative outburst, and more snow

It’s been a rough few days! I have been trying to work out my fundraising platform and create donation prizes but life keeps getting in the way. This time around it was a familiar nemesis- snow.

This winter has been freakishly warm, with freezing rain and almost no snow, which has been great for me since the snow blower is on strike and has been all season. God forbid you expect a thirteen hundred dollar machine to work more than once (it ran for one storm last winter.) All I can get out of it are increasingly weak sounding sick gurgles. I have tried everything from the rudimentary cussing it out, to adding fuel stabilizer, to adding oil, to cussing it out and giving it a gentle kick again but it’s been a fruitless effort. We have a double wide driveway, no plow, and a barn that’s down a steep hill nowhere near the house which I have to get to because three wussy goats and sixty or so chickens still live there, being taken care of by me for the remainder of the time I am here. Being alone here and having no money to hire a plow I have been reduced to shovelling everything…. Every two hours to keep up. That last big storm dumped over a foot of snow. It took me two days to dig out both the driveway and a path to the barn. Last night the weather reports made no mention of the three inches that fell last night…. And so I got up this morning to a very angry back and more shovelling. Tomorrow it will be snowing again, and the day after…. Looks like another foot, which will make it a full week of doing little else but shovelling!! I fear the remainder of winter will be like this. This is sucking the life out of me, killing my back, and ensuring I have no energy to get anything else done. This isn’t good.

In the meanwhile I have been trying to work on my campaign. I have decided that giving donation prizes to everyone who donates in a $100,000 drive is a hell of a task. That’s a lot of donation prizes!! Because of this I have decided to streamline the process and sadly cut out the choice aspect of it. I wanted each doner to have a choice of five prize designs but alas, that’s just too complicated. Instead I will be offering one prize for every level….

$1.00 – A name and/or website mention on my blog

$5.00 – A small leaping bunny magnet

$10.00 – A signed 8 X 11 inch print of this photo (Which happens to depict my favorite rooster Rags looking suspicious.) This might end up being a different photo but for now this is my pick….

$25.00 – A large clay mushroom magnet – each one hand made

$50.00 – A set of alpaca light switch covers, resin copies of plates I sculpted myself. (Photo shows unpainted prototype)

$100.00 – A resin copy of a hand sculpted tea candle holder. I am working on this now and I am trying to make it look like a baby goat… Will take photos when I complete the prototype.

$500.00 – All the above! Plus up to an hour Skype chat with me, if wanted.

$Highest bidder$ (providing it’s more than $500) – All the prizes plus one large (probably 3 foot long, two feet tall) sculpture, signed, and if you live local you can exchange the web interview with a face-to-face meeting if you want to! I do not know what the sculpture will be but I will be blogging about it as I make it…. It’s going to take me a while!