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Fundraising Stage One – Working on Donation Prizes

Well it’s been a little bit since I announced my plans to try and do a crowdsourcing campaign for my next big project. I have been wandering around in deep reflection trying to figure out what I was going to use as donation prizes. Could I use some of my old art work? I thought I could at first until I realized everything should be pastoral and farm related so I started from scratch. I decided to make all new items and figure out how to make multiple copies of the same thing. I also wrote out what I was going to offer…

$1.00 – a mention on my blog of your name or website.

$5.00 – A small simple clay magnet. (Five to choose from: teddy bear, sitting bunny, hopping bunny, dog biscuit, or heart.)


$10.00 – A signed print of one of my chicken photos. I will be figuring out which five I’d like to offer a choice of soon.

$25.00 – A complex large clay magnet. (Chick, owl, mushroom, cat, or sheep – will take a photo soon!)

$50.00 – A matching set of light switches, one single switch and one double switch. (Sheep, Alpaca, Cow, Flower, Dog Biscuit.) I have sculpted the prototypes of these and will be buying supplies to make molds from them so I can make resin copies which I will paint and sign myself.

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$100.00 – A signed resin copy of a hand sculpted tea candle holder. (chicken, Pig, Goat, ?, ? – will be working on creating this week.)

$500.00 – All the above.

Higest donation – an original sculpture, likely three feet long and two feet tall. This is going to take me two or three weeks to complete and I am breaking from the pastoral theme to make a gryphon in devastating pose. This will be exquisitely detailed and I will be taking photos at every stage of its creation.