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Green Eggs…

I have a hen who every once in a while gives me a green egg. Now I don’t mean the shell is green, which would be totally normal of an Easter Egger or something like that, no I mean the whites of the egg are green! At first I thought I was boiling up bad eggs but the more it happened the more I knew I wasn’t picking up and boiling bad eggs! Worse still I am pretty sure one of my regular customers got one because just as I was having one a day he suddenly stopped showing up… and even if he did confront me about it what could I possibly say?? I didn’t have any answers!

Some time has passed, the green eggs disappeared, and then today I got another one! But this time I might know what’s causing it. Another customer of mine, one who came to buy chickens not eggs, told me he had a hen doing the same thing and he was told that it was because she was eating too many acorns. Acorns. Acorns are nasty things… they’re highly toxic to most livestock and I couldn’t imagine my chickens eating them but now that he mentioned it the piles that used to be around the barn are in fact gone. Had my girls eaten them??

I took a photo of my green egg juxtaposed next to a fresh boiled egg and just for comparison a bad boiled egg (which is brownish and gross… and is the top one in the second photo)