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A Tale of Too Many Roosters

A few months back, while my incubator was running non stop, a local woman and former customer, asked if I could do her a favor. She had left egg collecting duties to her daughter who forgot them for… a week, a week and a half, and when she remembered she found a very broody little silkie sitting on nearly three dozen eggs. Could I throw them in the incubator? Sure, I could…

No good deed goes unpunished! I ended up with three pullets, and seven totally useless (but astoundingly handsome) roosters. Looks like all of them were mothered by her silkies/sizzle and fathered by her Bantam Easter Egger. They’re bantams so no one wants them for  flock protection. They’re silkie crosses so I don’t want to eat them with their black/blue meat and tiny size. Besides being drop dead gorgeous they are just darling little things – docile, quiet, SUPER soft feathers… None of this is making me feel better about the situation. I don’t even want to let them run around with my mixed flock because I want the barnyard mixes I sell to be large fowl only. UGH! And the WORST thing? One of these dapper feathered friends is a FRIZZLE. A FRIZZLE.

Here are the girls (who have been released into my mixed flock – their eggs will be easy to pick out!)

And here are the boys — I don’t think I want to part with the frizzle but if anyone wants the remaining and lives in New England, please send me a line! I can hook you up!!