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We’re a Business!

Well, we went back to our continued public town meeting to ask for approval to run our farm as a business and after reading a glowing review from the dog officer and setting some very reasonable restrictions they decided to approve our request. Now we have one more step before we have all our bureaucratic homework done and that is have an NPIP inspector in to test our birds for diseases. I am going to try and haul out the barn and make everything picture perfect and then give them a call. I realize they’re already clean by most people’s standards but I like to give a good impression. I have about five hens out there that still need saddles. There’s at least thirty that are already wearing saddles – all made in outrageous colors and patterns. It’s quite a sight. Since I stated using the side pasture (which borders the road) I have seen people looking out there and enjoying them as they walk or drive by. Perhaps they’re wondering about the saddles or maybe they just like seeing the chickens. One guy, a big burly heavily tattooed motorcyclist with a huge white beard, drives by frequently and I always see him turn his head towards the chickens – but if he notices I see him he turns right back and pretends he wasn’t looking! Cracks me right up. Perhaps watching chickens destroys his tough guy image. I don’t know but I enjoy the people watching. But anyway… we’re so excited to be registered as a business! Now we can really promote our name and make a go of it.