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Marans & Basque Hens

Well our incubator spiked at 103 for six hours… Was sure that the whole incubator got fried, and two and a half of the drawers indeed did (we lost half the bantams we were incubating as a favor, the Dorking, and the Brabanter drawer.) Despite this over 30 Marans hatched! I will be keeping them all and accessing who is worthy of breeding more Marans and taking the culls to breed Olive Eggers with.

We’ve since re-loaded the incubator and were expecting around 200 chicks in a little over a week. When I candled them I took out the duds and left 47 dual purpose sex-links, 45 barnyard mixes, 37 Silver Penciled Rocks, 35 Dorkings, 24 Seramas, and 15 Brabanters developing.

Even more exciting the Marraduna Basque Hen (AKA Euskal Aoila) eggs I ordered last fall came in! Two dozen! They’re in my incubator now and I am deliriously happy about it. I hope they hatch well! I intend to breed more Marradunas and cross some with a legbar to get a theoretically auto sexing Easter Egger out of them.