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Chocolate Colored Egg Madness

In January I wanted to bring on some more Welsummers (as I needed a good rooster) some Rhode Island Whites to make sex links out of, and some Marans for chocolate eggs which I could also cross to the legbars to make olive eggers. People seem to love getting weird colored eggs. It’s a real selling point and I am always happy to share in their enthusiasm!

However I was already having a hard time figuring out where to squeeze new breeding pens and I figured out how to make sex links with the birds I already had. I still wanted those gorgeous chocolate eggs but I was content to wait… until I found myself on Craigslist trying to compare hatching egg and chick prices to figure out how much to sell my own for. That’s when I spotted a photo of the darkest eggs I have ever seen in the area…. a whole table full of chocolate wonders. $20 a dozen and no need for shipping. How could I say no??

I contacted the guy and asked for two dozen, because why not… after having such a terrible hatch with the Mille Fleur Leghorns I wanted to err on the side of caution and get more than I normally would. I told the guy I’d pick them up the following weekend and all was quite good.

We showed up and this guy was fanatical about his eggs. They were deep dark and some had delicious little speckles. I was delighted. He said I could cherry pick the best for $3 an egg and I was more than happy to! That’s where things got a bit awkward…

He’d recently hatched some chicks but the hatch rate wasn’t all he wanted it to be — how bad you ask? 80%! An 80% hatch rate would make me deliriously happy… but he wasn’t impressed so he offered me all the eggs he collected during the week, more than fifty, for $20. Seriously? 50 eggs for just 20 dollars?? You got to be kidding! I tried paying him more to be fair… but he didn’t want my money – he just wanted his eggs to go to a good home. So they’re in my incubator now. I have found they are too dark to candle with any certainty so I have left them all in there… and time will tell what happens! I’m super excited to have chocolate eggs