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Breeds Under Consideration For Next Year

As winter comes creeps ever closer we are getting ready to set up actual breeding pens and start selling hatching eggs from the Brabanters, the Silver Gray Dorkings, and maybe even the Miniature Silver Appleyards if they feel like pitching in (though I doubt it as they are ducks…) I may also have Cream Legbar (5) eggs fairly soon too. After them I have some heritage rose-comb Rhode Island Reds (5), Silver Pencilled Rocks (5), and a trio of Serama growing up. I will likely hatch some more of these just for myself for now. Still, I want to keep ahead of the curve and provide breeds people actually want. This will take some tinkering – seeing what sells and hwat doesn’t and adding or subtracting from there.

So ideally i would like to hatching eggs from these following breeds very soon. If not I will have to wait until march to order chicks from Sandhill Preservation.

Rhode Island Whites: 

I cannot find these guys ANYWHERE. They are listed in every article on sex-linking as being the hens used to create red sex-links (by crossing to a Rhode Island Red rooster.) Every big hatchery has red sex links and Rhode Island Reds but none sell Rhode Island Whites! Probably because they know what people would use them for (chipping into their massive sales of sex-links.) Bizarrely enough I can’t find any private breeders either which makes no sense as they are supposed to be really good layers besides being used for red sex links. I have found sooo many people looking for eggs or chicks it’s not even funny. I am determined.

Mille Fleur Leghorns:

This is another one that makes no sense. I cannot find any breeder willing to sell hatching eggs to this color variety even though they lay as many eggs as any other variety, up to 300 a year per hen! They’re also supposed to be friendlier than most leghorns and maintain the wonderful feed efficiency. Really I started out wanting them for eye candy but damn! I am sure sold on the rest of their characteristics!

Marraduna Basque Hens AKA Euskal Oila

These would be a bit of a gamble – even I haven’t really heard of them until this week. Would there be a market for a bird no one has seen before? I read up on them and they are a medium sized bird that lays a fairly large brown egg but what separates them from the rest is the fact they are not only goooorgeous but are supposed to be the friendliest chicken breed in the world. Sounds good to me…

Dorkings: Cuckoo, Red, and White

I just really adore the Dorkings and would love to expand on them. Besides this theoretically if I understand sex linking via the barring gene then you could theoretically cross a Red Dorking Rooster to a Cuckoo Dorking hen and create sex link Dorkings! I haven’t seen anyone try this but I am game! The whites are supposed to be the biggest and best as meat birds… I am on the fence about trying them. I am not sure how good of a market i could have for heritage meat birds…