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The Mystery of the White Cream Legbar…

Well! it’s been a while since I updated this blog and all sorts of things are going on! We’ve slaved hard to put in a garden and as usual the chickens keep us plenty occupied! We were fortunate enough to hatch out seven Cream Legbars from eggs we’d bought online. I was delighted to find only one of the chicks looked different. In a sea of chipmunk stripes one chick was pure white. I was under the misguided notion it was a rooster and the rest were hens… If only!

Some research led me to some people discussing the fact Green Fire Farm’s line of Cream Legbars would occasionally throw these “white sport” chicks, that they were not a recognized coloring the US but they are in England where they were imported from. I did not find anyone purposely breeding them, though there seemed to be much curiosity. Apparently they don’t breed true , or at least not yet (if no one works with them they never will.) Now I am happy I have my little freak bird. She’s very friendly and at the age of three weeks is INSISTENT on perching at night with her peers. A little more research into the white sports revealed they’re also auto-sexing if you have really keen eyesight! So I think I will let her remain in my breeding program just for variety. I like to go rogue every now and then and spontaneous mutations insight my sense of whimsy.