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More Drama, More Chicks, and More Fluff than I can Handle!

So if I thought earlier this week was bad as far as getting chicks goes… HOLY MOLY. This week has been utter and total chaos for both myself and my dearest. I am still without a car this week, living 5 miles from the post office, and it’s a respectable 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-6.6 C) outside.

This week was supposed to go like this: On Sunday my beau was to leave here for Memphis on a business trip. On Thursday, that’s today, he was supposed to arrive home, and on Friday morning we were supposed to go together to the post office to pick up baby chicks. In the meanwhile he’d have someone come to pick me up on Monday to get the first shipment of chicks. This is what really happened… it took him 4 days and 4 separate flights to get to Memphis due to freak snow storms. This allotted him one piteous day to do what he went down there to do, which is beyond impossible, but now he wants to come home there’s another rash of freak snow storms and the DC airport is cancelling its flights. He tried to reschedule but there would be no way he could get back to the airport he left from until Sunday. If he agreed to go to a different one and take a cab to pick up his car he could make it tomorrow afternoon. Either way it’s too late to pick up chicks and I was concerned the flights would still be suffering a rash of cancellations at that point… as he figures this out we’re both scrambling to figure out what to do to pick up the chicks tomorrow morning. No one we know in the area is available, and just as we’re both tweaking out about this, I get a phone call. The chicks have arrived! A day early!! I said I would do my best to make my way down there… wondering how I was going to pull this off. Walking 5 miles (or rather 10 since it’s two ways) isn’t that big of a deal but it is when it’s only 20 degrees outside and we’ve gotten so much snow this winter that most roads are just wide enough to barely allow two cars to pass. I’m not sure adding a random pedestrian is a wise idea.

He called the usual people. I get a ride, but only because I TOTALLY lucked out he found someone working a half day. This is getting ridiculous. To make matters worse we have a make-up shipment of Cornish coming in Monday morning to replace the ones that toppled out of the box before it was delivered last time around and the Dorkings should be arriving a week after. He needs to go back to Memphis for two weeks and at the least he’ll miss the Dorkings. While all this is going on he needs his car fixed to pass inspection and he’s running out of time. I am also juggling three separate time sensitive bureaucratic clusterfucks in my own life. I really really need a car… this is getting out of hand.

On the good side of the news the Golden Brabanter chicks all arrived SUPER active and healthy and soooooo fluffy. These things have crazy down, way more than a normal run-of-the-mill chick. They’re insanely soft and remind me of tiny baby penguins. I am besides myself with joy. My poor overworked boyfriend on the other hand realizes that brood box isn’t meant to hold 100 and is already worrying about building another 2 brood boxes this weekend (one would suffice if he made the fourth next weekend, supposing he’d be here.) I’m sad he’s missed two of the four shipments of chicks and is likely going to miss at least one of the next two, if not both. I know it was important to him to be a part of the process, to see this farm started… but sometimes we just can’t always have it our way. If his work insists on trying to kill him there’s not much either of us can say.

I will post better photos when I have access to a camera that’s not broken… but here they are anyway… -insert drumroll- The Golden Brabanter Chicks!!