Chick Arrival – Not the Greatest Start to the Week…

This week has been a mess already. I am stuck without a car, my dearest is on a business trip, I don’t know anyone in the area, and the post office is a 15 minute car ride away from here. I don’t think I have ever lived so far from a post office! All this really wouldn’t be an issue if I wasn’t expecting chicks who arrived a day early on top of all this. Suffice to say I found a ride by begging someone who lives 30 minutes away… and spending all that time using a spade to shovel out the end of the driveway so his low-riding car could make it where the plow had snowed us in. Why was I using a spade? Because it had recently rained and refrozen. Yes, this solid block o’ snow and ice wasn’t budging with a mere snow shovel I had to go fetch the spade or risk having to push the car out of this mess!  I spent 45 minutes heaving and hauling and the car still only just made it. Must be nice living in the city! Being able to get away with owning a low-riding car with no 4 wheel drive….

But anyways! Back to the chicks! We were worried the chicks wouldn’t be in that great of a condition if they showed up tomorrow. They would have been in transit for three days so a part of me was actually relieved to have gotten the call this morning. I knew something was wrong with the way the post office worker was acting, “Your babies are here!….. but uh, there were some deaths.” I wondered how she could know this. Did she open the box?! it turns out no, the box opened itself.

When I got there the post office wasn’t open. It was very weird. I had to knock, they were expecting me… but when the door popped open they handed the chicks to me over the counter. I could see why the post master was able to tell if the chicks were alive, one side of the box was torn clear open. It looked almost as if something had chewed its way in there?! There were ten or fifteen dead chicks at the bottom but the other side of the box was peeping… soo I had hope. I picked it up and started to leave only to hear a squeamish noise behind me as the poor lady sat there looking at a dead chick which had flopped out of the box onto the counter. She made a gesture like she was thinking of getting a napkin to pick it up or something. I said a sheepish sorry, picked it up with my bare hands, and placed it back in the box. No need to make the poor woman clean up after this mess!


I looked inside when we got home and all the welsummers on the other side were fine. Five Cornish had made their way to their side, two were so close to death I couldn’t really count them as alive, the other three were alive but not particularly peppy! Our little mystery chick was however. It’s a little Polish and to my surprise I think it’s a hen. Usually “mystery chicks” are just extra roosters but this one… I am not so sure!

After a full inspection we found 11 Cornish were outright missing, probably haven fallen from the box, twenty-three were dead, and the three left I give about a 50/50 chance. We have 26 Welsummers, all alive and peeping, and a polish, also alive and peeping. I showed them the water and shuffled the shivering ones under the light. The light was on for an hour before it blew out… it’s a brand new goddamn lightbulb! I spent 15 minutes searching high and low knowing they come in packs of two. Found the second. Fingers crossed it lasts at least until my darling gets home because if I thought the PO was a far walk you wouldn’t believe how close the nearest feed store is…..

2015-02-23 08.19.04

Now I am done writing this and it seems as if they have settled in and gotten nice and quiet and content I will go check them out and see if I can sex them. It’d be interesting to see if I got the skills required for that!