Broodbox 2.0

We built a very simple box styled brood box a few weeks ago in anticipation of chicks but we needed more to house all the chicks we’ll be receiving in the next few days. Fish is always in a competition, often with himself, to outdo whatever he’s done in the past so I guess I can’t be too surprised when he came up with this:

The trim is 100% aesthetic and if you’re wondering why it looks like a giant breadbox it could be because when I first asked Fish to build me a broodbox he didn’t know what a broodbox was. The closest thing he could think of was the Dutch meaning of brood (bread) with box added to the end. A bread box. As it turns out it was a pretty good design! We’ll be trying it out on Friday when the shipment of Brabanters comes in. On Tuesday we should be getting the Welsummer and White Laced Red Cornish chicks but they will be going into the smaller and less extravagant first broodbox as there will be less of them!