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Starting our poultry farm with a bang!

So after reading that the Brabanters were sold out for the year we decided to order different chicks form a different hatchery but I still wanted Brabanters so I put myself on the first hatchery’s waiting list figuring maybe if I was lucky they’d have some left over at the end of the season in September or something. Well! I got a call asking if I still wanted the 100 Brabanters I had requested. Well yes… but I wasn’t expecting them anytime soon… They told me they’d have enough to fill my order in two weeks. Seriously?! That quick?! but I already ordered 102 chicks off another hatchery… also showing up, the first half in two weeks, the second half two weeks after that. WHEW!

We decided to go through with the order but that means we’ll be needing to build another brood box or two this weekend! We’re going to have chicks coming out of our ears! I was already a bit intimidated by the thought of 100 chicks, now that’s doubled, and I thinking I am going to be kept on my feet! I can do it, I just have to get things set up better and sink some more money and time into doing so. So far this has been a very expensive venture. I hope to maybe soften that blow by selling some of my culls but we’ll see… In the end I do not expect the end up with a lot of chickens, in fact of the two breeds I ordered 25 I wonder if any of them will even be good enough to keep but we’ll see!

So in two weeks I will be getting one shipment of 25 Welsummers, 25 White Laced Red Cornish, and a mystery chick, and a second shipment with 100 Brabanters. In four weeks we’ll be getting a shipment of 50 Silver Gray Dorkings and a second mystery chick on top of all that. WHEW. This is going to hurt for a while!