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Starting from Scratch…

Since moving we’ve been sadly chickenless. We miss our birds a lot and we sure miss having fresh eggs! This was made even worse by the fact we bought “farm fresh” eggs twice at a nearby farmstand and twice we ended up with multiple eggs which had clearly been sat on by a hen for a couple days or so. Nothing says omlette like an embryo! (YUCK!)

We were going to wait until Spring… you know when sane people get chicks… but I got impatient. My boyfriend wanted chickens we could eat, I wanted some eggs, and the Brabanters we were going to get int he Spring didn’t seem to offer us either. They’re fairly small birds who take seven months or so to mature enough to lay eggs. That means even if we did get them in the Spring they probably wouldn’t lay until they were a year old because of Winter! Unacceptable.

Sooo…. we decided on Bielfelders. They’re enormous, they mature quickly, and they lay eggs like little demons. A great plus for me is they’re also autosexing. I have someone looking for fresh cat food and knowing which ones are roosters from day one makes slaughtering for this purpose all that easier. There’s no waiting around to see who grows the comb, watching them get too big to be cat food and too chewy to be great human food.

So I have 12 Beilfelder eggs on the way. I have a new incubator set up and I have a bunch of old Serama eggs which I will pop in with them. If they hatched great, if not, well I wasn’t expecting them too… I will be ordering more Serama eggs off several breeders later. We also have plans for Barnevelders, Brabanters, and Cream Legbars. I had my eye on Lakenvelders for a bit but I hear they put the neurotic in neurosis. “They’re LOUD!” “They act like I am going to kill them every time I go out there!” “They work up all my other chickens over nothing!” So for the time being there will be no Lakenvelders… SIGH

Providing all goes well we’ll also be looking to invest in some Chocolate turkeys and mini appleyard ducks when the snow melts away. Should be fun! Let’s get this farm started!