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The Fiber Farm Begins…

Well, everything’s going pretty well with the house purchase. We hope the sellers will be out of there before the beginning of November but we’ll see. In the meantime I took a trip to Maine, visited a county fair, and eventually ambled into someone’s angora bunny barn on the way home (oops!) I’d hoped to find Max a wife at the fair but it had neither Belgian Hares nor angoras which is why I went freelancing. For now Max remains a hapless bachelor but I did find some angoras!

I ended up with two little English angoras, a lilac girl and a black boy, and an unrelated English/French/German cross doe who is chocolate. Really I was looking for two chocolate girls but there was a lilac hiding in there and the little black male, the runt, had the craziest little sad/contemplative expression. I sort of melted. On the good hand he’s unrelated to the cross doe and who knows, maybe I will make my own herd of yarn balls if I decide this is the right direction for my hobby.

Right now they are settling down in a cage that must seem like a palace. I am debating whether the little black boy is a Valentino or an Elvis. His sister I will probably call Ruby. The cross doe I am thinking Emma. I meant to take a photo of her after I clipped the knots behind her ears but I sort of forgot. Will post her soon though!