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Two Days of Touring Alpaca Farms – What We Learned

This weekend was a celebration of National Alpaca Farm Day. Both days farms opened their doors to the public to learn about these wonderful creatures. We went to four farms and asked a ton of questions… below I will share with you some of the many things we’ve learned as well as some musings. I… Continue reading Two Days of Touring Alpaca Farms – What We Learned

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A Photo of the Third Angora and Musings

I took a photo of Emma, the English/French/German angora cross bunny. She’s two weeks older than the other two so she’s bigger. They all got brushed out today, their nails clipped, the hair on the bottom of their feet trimmed, and they got some playtime in the grass besides. Their personalities are starting to show.… Continue reading A Photo of the Third Angora and Musings

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We’re Moving on Up!

Chicken and Animal Updates Life here in the Love Canal house, as I’ve lovingly nicknamed it, has been increasingly hard. I lost my dog to cancer three days before Christmas last year, I was forced to give up my large breed chickens this summer because my neighbors think controlling others is where it’s at, and… Continue reading We’re Moving on Up!