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Lots of Sad News but Some Good News Too!

It’s been a long time since I sat down and updated this blog – and it’s for a lot of reasons but really things aren’t going so great for the chickens here. Unfortuneately I’ve lost a great deal of them to some mystery disease I believe is linked to the property we live on (because I have had a lot of unexplained deaths and birth defects in fancy rats, kittens, freshwater fish, really anything I’ve tried breeding here in the past decade plus.)

I am sad to say we lost Popcorn my origional frizzle Serama rooster, Phyllis our only silkied Serama hen, Barney our Barnevelder rooster, our cuckoo maran hen, as well as a great many mature hens, and many pullets. To add insult to injury my freshwater fishtank also lost all its stock and even my boyfriend, with his intensely managed salt water tank, lost one of his fish that we’ve had for a year. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when I was raising a batch of chicks (sired by Popcorn before his demise) when the neighbor’s !@#$ of a dog broke into the house and slaughtered everything in my brood box leaving bloody carcasses everywhere, as well as scaring one of the two silkie Serama roosters to death. I’ve had it! I can’t handle this amount of carnage, disaster, and mystery disease. (I have had animals sent out for necropsy – which to date has not been the least bit helpful and only serves to drain my funds.)

A tribute to those we’ve lost…


Lewis – the silkied rooster

Cocoa – The tiniest chicken in our flock, a real darling, with a personality as sweet as her chocolate coloration.

Brownie – Frizzle Serama Rooster

Berlin (to the left) A Black mottled Serama, the best broody you could ask for!

Group Photo – Back – Turbo, Raven, Berlin, Pumpkin. Front: Taffy, Toffee, Achilles, Cocoa. (The three to right are still with us!)

Popcorn – the most adorable and cuddley chicken you could ever meet. A real riot.

Last but not least my dear dog Pepper who had to be put down two days before Christmas. She left a HUGE hole in our hearts and our lives.

We have about 1/4th of the Seramas left and the big girls probably have a similiar ratio. Unfortuneately whatever is killing them likes to take one at a time so it’s not like I can get used to one mass tradgedy. No, I have to sit here and try to nurse back to health one or two chickens at a time, failing almost every time, watching one or two die here and one or two die there. They’re all drinking bottled water. I’ve changed their feed. When one gets sick I bring them into the house. I even bought vaccines for the chicks that had the run in with that goddamn dog. It’s a never ending process that always ends in frustration and futility.

So I have decided in June when the big girls are two years of age I will be moving them out and the Seramas, who have both indoor cages and portable outdoor runs, will remain and go with us to the new place. I will not be having any chicks this Spring or Summer and will not be seeking to replace anyone.

With that being said I do have good news! That is we’ll be moving soon. We’re on the look-out for a nice fixer-upper farmhouse and once settled there I have full intentions of having a garden and a healthy flock of chickens, likely Brabanters. We may even add the odd turkey or duck to the mix. Life is looking up! And because I lost my dog to cancer back in December it has been FAR too quiet here so I now have a house bunny, a Belgian Hare named Max, who loiters at my feet whenever I’m doing dishes and who spends most of his time trying to get into trouble. He’s been a real life saver – the reason this whole experiance hasn’t thrown me into an endless pit of depression. I hope in the future when we move into the new place that I can get him a girlfriend or two. Life will be good for us all!

So in three months or so when we start looking for a house maybe I’ll swing by for an update. And when we pick a place and settle in I will deffinately be back up and running! Thank you everyone who has read this blog and kept up to date with our various adventures. I do appreciate each and every one of you!