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Chicken Imposter! And a Miracle or Two…

So I have been wondering about my original Serama pair, Henny Penny and Titus. They seem…. different then all the other Seramas I have bought or hatched since. At the time I got them they were the smallest chickens I’d ever seen and they are indeed lovely pets but since then I have realized my other Serama rooster Popcorn is in the heaviest category for Seramas and he’s a third the size of Titus. Besides this Titus is really vocal – he cheerfully babbles at me everytime I go out there, getting especially talkative when I give him and his lady treats and other goodies. Plus he has two very long tail feathers that bend over backwards like the branches of a weeping willow. Both characteristics have really endeared me to him but Seramas are not like this at all – none of them babble or have this lovely sweeping tail.

That’s when I accidentally came across photos of Japanese Bantams – who are supposed to have played a part in the ancestry of Seramas so they are a pretty similar breed. Coincidentally Titus and Henny Penny are both two of the three recognized colors of Japanese bantams…. coincidence? I think the real clincher was the tail… that beautiful tail really belongs to them. I’m not really complaining. Henny Penny and Titus have only managed to hatch two offspring, one a rooster who found a new home because he wasn’t breeding quality (had a misaligned beak) and Nervous Pervis, a pullet who is always too stressed out to bother laying no matter what is going on. She’s the kind of animal you feel bad for because she seems socially incapable of making other chicken friends which makes her all the more skittish. SIGH.

Anyway, this first photo here is of Titus. The second is of someone else’s Japanese Bantam. I am thinking both he and Henny Penny might be a cross between a Japanese Bantam and a Serama as he doesn’t have as astoundingly large a comb and Henny Penny does have some feathers around her neck that are tinted with blonde – making her look sort of dirty. Pretty sure she’s supposed to just be white and black if she were a Japanese Bantam… Neither of them display the short-legged gene of Japanese Bantams but after doing some reading neither do all Japanese Bantams, though those ones are preferred for the show ring. I don’t think the guy that sold them to me deceived me in any way – he could have charged a lot more for them if that’s what he was trying to do. I think whoever sold them to him must have been dishonest.

Aside from that mystery there is another one going on here. I am starting to hear peeping from the incubator… the one that accidentally got bumped and reached 105 degrees a few days ago. I was expecting all the chicks to have overheated and died in their shells but at least one is trying to fight it’s way out. I sure hope others follow. Raising one chick by itself I think gives them mental issues. (Which was Nervous Pervis’ problem – she only knew her brother and when he left she was never the same.)