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Another Sad Day – More Frustration

I am so frustrated right now… I have no idea why I keep loosing pullets but I found another one dead today. That means of five pullets I have lost three. The first I thought was scared to death by a loose dog I spotted that day, the second I felt may have been chased away from the food by the older hens, and the third…. I can’t even venture a guess. I put her and her two sisters in a wire dog crate after I found the second one dead so she could eat and drink in peace and fatten up. She had food and water in the crate when I found her dead this morning. I don’t even know what to think anymore. I find it really bizarre the only chickens to be dropping off are from this group and that they don’t show any signs of illness… they just die. Curiously although there was food and water in the cage the dead one’s gullet was empty, while the two live ones were full. This is all I have to go on right now and I don’t know what it means… I asked the chicken forum because I would prefer to keep the last two pullets alive. SIGH.

In the meanwhile I received word today that my order for a dozen mixed Barnevelder and Golden Cuckoo Maran eggs is starting to be put together after a month delay. And I have eleven Serama eggs in the incubator (three of which are silkied!) that are developing from a shipped batch as well as five more of my own home brews who I’ll probably sell. I seem to be having better luck with the Seramas than my large fowl. I hope I can figure out what my issues are with them before I introduce the Barnevelders and Marans. Of course by then their run will be three times the size and their flock will be half the size (as I am still getting rid of the Orpingtons and partridge rocks.) It’s going to be a busy summer.