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Craigslist Chaos – an Impolitely Worded Rant

Well! I wanted to get all my chicken chores done or started after my last post but I am afraid life got into the way again. For the past two or three weeks everything around here has been CRAZY. I have been getting four hours of sleep a night and my body and mind are not happy with this arrangement. I did however manage to clean up the back yard…. stored around the property and in shed I found all the cages I had used in previous hobbies of breeding birds and rodents…. which I haven’t done in many years. It was time to say good-bye to the cages. There was a town wide yard sale but I guess whoever was in charge did VERY poorly as far as advertising goes…. there wasn’t even any mention of it anywhere online! We got $20 for our efforts then I tossed all the cages up on Craigslist for free, listing my address and saying they’re at the top of the driveway, just come and get them… and that’s where the fun began!

I was immediately bombarded with e-mails. People were asking what was left, repeatedly. People were asking specific questions (as if 7 photos isn’t enough?!) people were asking if I could hold cages aside and one person even asked if I delivered! What part of FREE, COME AND GET do these people not get?! I am not insane…. I am generous enough for offering these things for free I am not going to add perks! It’s not worth my time! And then there was someone that said, “You might be more successful with this hands-off method if people knew where you were.” I looked at the ad… not only did it list my address twice it had a fucking map! Are you kidding me??? I’m sorry I can’t list it in 72 point font dear….

I relented once and held back a single 20 gallon tank for some guy… who then got impatient with me and called me an asshole. WHY THANK YOU! You just lost your fucking tank! I am giving it to someone else who showed interest and I will hold it for her because in two sentences she showed better character than you, you whiny self-absorbed anger-management freak!

I AM SO SICK OF THIS. One day of dealing with people and I just want to kill them all…. I am never going to list anything for free again. As if this isn’t all enough I got up this morning to find one of my pullets dead. I think the older hens kept her from the food when I wasn’t giving them 100% of my attention. I am so pissed at them right now it’s not funny. I have been feeding the chickens more than twice what they were eating in the dead of winter and scattering it in different locations in the run. Granted these pullets are stuuupid and don’t appear to get the concept of me putting food everywhere… I locked the three remaining in the dog crate and fed them. How long will it be I have to keep doing this?? The older hens are not pecking their feathers out, drawing blood, or doing anything particularly viscous and yet I still ended up with two dead pullets…. and the three remaining sleep outside. They’re still not being allowed to go into the coop with the big girls! I will be expanding the enclosure by a lot this summer but as with anything I have to wait for resources and time in order to get it all together… so in the meantime can you lovely ladies at least behave yourselves?! Please?! Are the pullets really that bad? All they do is try to stay out of your way, surely their crimes can’t be grievous enough for your glares. (And I swear that’s all the do is glare and body block – these damn pullets just need to learn how to be quick! That’s all!) UGH.

This week should be better. I will finish the Serama run (which is mostly done) get rid of the roosters and see what I can do for the pullets. From there I get to plan out the bigger run for the laying girls but I honestly don’t know how long that will take me. It’s a big project and we’re in the middle of building our new kitchen…. SIGH.