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The Serama Chicks Go Outside for the First Time

The Seramas have kept me on my toes lately! The chicks are all fully feathered (save for two real young chicks) and were ready to go outside so I let them spend a few hours playing in the sun in a 5 foot tall multi-level critter cage. They figured out the ramps real fast and were having a blast. Some found their way to the ground and began foraging in the dirt. In addition to building a run for my big girls I will be building several runs and small insulated coops for these little dears.

I got tired of rotating my rooster so I tried again to introduce Aphrodite and Athena to Henny Penny and Nervous Pervis. Despite being in a cage none of them had ever seen and an area of the yard they hadn’t been in before Henny Penny immediately set about trying to kill Athena who did her best to kill Henny Penny in return. In the meanwhile Popcorn did little to break up the fight (as I am told roosters are supposed to do) and Nervous Pervis kept getting in the way as she was running in terror, ending up with a few of her feathers plucked too. If these two dominant hens didn’t fight dirty I wouldn’t be too concerned but I swear to God they aim to rip whole chunks of feathers out of each other and kept aiming at each other’s eyes. I gave up.

Henny Penny is probably three years old and hasn’t laid an egg in a while. I decided to give her back to her old sterile mate Titus. He was thrilled to have her back. A few months without a companion didn’t do anything good for him… he’s the most frazzled ill-groomed rooster I have ever seen. He literally looks like someone rescued him from the spin cycle on a dryer. Who am I to argue with fate? The two are happy with each other after Henny Penny’s short-lived fling with Popcorn.

I left nervous Pervis in with Athena and Aphrodite. Athena spent a while tormenting her but Nervous Pervis is so submissive she eventually relented. All the meanwhile the chicks looked on in wonder. They always get along… doesn’t matter who they’re with, in fact when I try to separate them (even though there’s 16 of them) they start to scream at the top of their lungs and they don’t stop! Here they are enjoying the sun today.

You can see here the only rooster I got out of my shipped eggs is this little dear… which still leaves me in need of another rooster. SIGH. Who has ever heard of a rooster shortage??

Here are a mix of the shipped Seramas and some of my own. The frizzled ones are Popcorn’s wee ones. I still can’t get over how crazy curly they are. So cute.

Here are two of my shipped egg seramas – Dresden and Berlin. They’re pretty close and beautiful.

With all this being said the Seramas are going to be real fun. I seem to have two that are staying really small, Cardiff who is one of the shipped ones, and an unnamed pullet that was hatched here. I am a bit surprised. Either way I am happy. This does mean of course there’s probably three or four roos I will be needing to home probably someday soon.