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Long-Awaited Update on the Seramas

I know I haven’t posted a blog entry in forever.. The reason is quite simple. I was using my cell phone as a camera and now it refuses to send photos via a convenient USB plug to my computer. I haven’t had the ump in me to want to upload them individually. SIGH.

I do have news though! Six of the shipped serama eggs hatched and survived and only one of them is a rooster! I wasn’t expecting that… so now I am probably going to have to buy hatching eggs from someone else to make up for the difference. That’s OK, the more bloodlines the better if you ask me. My beau has insisted on changing Gevaudan’s name to Berlin because “She has a divide down her back!” The chick formally known as Berlin is now Dresden.

Other than that I have successfully hatched out some of my own Serama eggs and a good portion of them are frizzled just like their dad. I am super happy! I even got two chocolate colored ones, which I realize are really duns, but I’m not complaining! They’re beautiful. I also had three hatch yesterday. I will take photos of them soon.

Here are some of my latest observations: Serama eggs are both feircely hardy and really fragile. What I mean is that getting the eggs develop into chicks seems to be pretty easy – I’ve had some survive great leaps in temperature and humidity and still be fine – but the hard part is hatching. I have noticed a lot like to just peck the tiniest hole and then give up and die. This is sooo aggrivating. I popped open a few of these “quitters” and found out they still had a yolk sack attached – as if they started hatching a day too early and just didn’t have the strength. I have no idea if there’s anything I can do to remedy this. All I know is this last batch was lucky to hatch at all – someone bumped the incubator at one point and it was at 80 degrees for probably twelve hours directly before they were supposed to hatch. In addition to this I’ve been super busy and let the humidity go up and down like a psychotic roller coaster. Next time I will be more diligent in keeping track of these things!

Next week I am going to be focusing on rebuilding my big laying hens run (which got pretty damaged under the snow this year) building a run for the heavy breed chicks, and building a few Serama tractors and runs. I’ll work on coops from there so keep posted as I will be providing updates on both the Seramas and the heavy breeds and what I’m up to all around…

Here’s some photos I took today. Don’t tell my dearest I let the chicks play on his new floor… it’ll be a secret between you and me, OK? OK.

Here are the shipped Seramas. you can’t really tell but the light one, Cardiff, has really fallen behind the others in growth. If this wasn’t normal for the breed I’d be concerned! Also Berlin is a laugh riot – she’s got real personality.


Here are my home brews. I think only three, maybe four, are roosters. Good deal!