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Some shots of the big girls…

Took a few snaps tonight of my laying girls. They’ve been real funny. We had another mid-winter meltdown where they got their coop absolutely disgusting dragging in mud and whatnot. I hate it when this happens. Apparently they do too because they went from 18 eggs a day to 8… until I managed to get some straw home and clean them. They’re happy now. Case in point happy hens are prolific hens. The industry could learn from this.

Anyway, here’s Boekel in her new favorite spot. She’s such an awesome bird. I adore her.

This is Boekel’s sister Jurassic Park and one of the Orpingtons. Yes, I can tell the two Dark Cornish apart. For one Jurassic Park is sleeping on the floor (a submissive position in the flock) while Boekel not only has a prime spot under the heat lamp but is also high off the ground in her very own box. She’s a queen.)

And here’s some shots of the girls just getting settled for the night.

Stay tuned! I have one Serama egg that started pipping today but he’s taking his damn time and I don’t hear any peeping from the others. Crossing my fingers, hoping for the best. I will update as soon as I know what’s going on!