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Serama Egg Progress

Well, my incubator is possessed again and has been flitting between 98-102 degrees. I thought we had come to an understanding and it was done with this but I guess I was wrong. I candled the eggs I had shipped. Seven are still alive and kicking. There are a couple others that might be alive or might be quitters. I guess only time will tell as I couldn’t see any  movement in those.

Meanwhile I popped in eight eggs from Aphrodite and Athena a few days ago. Seven of them are growing! Even better still both Henny Penny and her daughter are now laying so the next batch will also have their line in there.

I am strongly hoping for a good rooster and some hens out of the shipped eggs and some more hens from my home grown ones. I am still waiting until they hatch before deciding to ship more in. I like having a large gene pool to manipulate.

I haven’t written any updates of the heavy breed chicks in a while so I am going to try and get some photos of them up tomorrow. They are growing fast, eating like pigs, and are turning out rather beautiful if I must say.