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Heavy Breed Chick Pix!

I took some photos of the heavy breed crosses while I had them out to clean their cage. I also am doing another guess as to how many roos I have..

Here are the three blondes. They have created their own clique and spend most of their time beating on the other chicks. SIGH. The bitchiest always has me guessing dominant rooster or just a really pushy hen? I’m thinking they’re all hens…

Here’s the fourth chick I think might be from the Light Brahma mamas. His large comb makes me think he’s a rooster. The other chick in the photo is my lone partridge cross.

Here are the three sex link roosters..

Here is my Dark Cornish cross and my Orpinton cross, the latter of which we’ve bee calling the Red-Headed Step Child.

And here’s just two cute single photos of the surviving twin (from the double yolk egg) and the red headed step child!

All and all I have four I would bet money are roosters and a fifth I am not sure about. If I turn out right I’ll be really happy. More hens! yay! All these chicks were sire by my Dark Brahma if anyone’s just reading this blog for the first time.