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Serama Eggs – Will there be chicks??

Well I have candled the Serama eggs twice. Here’s the run down…

Henny Penny, my old hen, laid 5 eggs. They were all duds.
Aphrodite and Athena laid eleven eggs, one of which did start to develop! The bad news is that it has since died, displaying a prominent blood ring for me to find today. I am very disappointed in that… and hope Popcorn starts doing his job better! I mean one fertile egg from 16? Please. Most roosters can mate with more hens in their sleep. SIGH.

Onto the shipped eggs! Of the fifteen I received two were infertile, three developed blood rings (early embryo death from a bacterial infection) and two others look like they’re quitters as well. I can’t see movement in those two anymore and they’re just odd looking. I took out the ones with blood rings as I hear they like to explode and I didn’t feel like mopping up that mess! I felt confident enough in my candling abilities to also discard the duds. The two possible quitters I left in there because who knows, I might be missing something. In the end I still have eight eggs that are developing as they should. I am crossing my fingers and hoping they all hatch! (At which point I have been searching for other breeders to sell me Serama hatching eggs. I must grow my flock. Four hens, one likely too elderly to produce viable eggs, is just not enough for me. I want a flock like I have with the big layer hens. It would be wonderful.)

Here is a photo of the blood ring and a photo of a developing egg (whose heartbeat you can see pumping vigorously if I could only manage to get a working video of it!)