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Chick Updates and Plans

Well, I guess I didn’t miscount when I thought my eggs would be hatching on Wednesday, I just forgot I had put eggs in on three separate days and the last batch were set to hatch on Wednesday. I think some will hatch tomorrow as well. We’ll see.

In the meanwhile two of the three chicks that hatched yesterday are doing very well. They’re walking around, eating, drinking, and following me. Those are the two feather-footed blondes. The red chick hasn’t been so lucky. There’s something wrong with him. He’s physically fine but he cannot walk. Instead he tries to put his feet down way to the left, tilting his body at the same time, making walking absolutely impossible. Since one leg does this much worse than the other I checked to see if he had splay leg or some deformity. There’s nothing I could see or feel. When he relaxes his leg dangled straight down as it should. There’s no problems with movement either. Perhaps its a neurological thing. I am afraid I did find one deformity on him… his wing joint is backwards. I’m not amused. In the past I have had a hard time breeding animals on this property from my first tank of mollies that birthed L-shaped babies to a series of unrelated cats delivering kittens with cleft pallets and severe leg deformities that twisted their limbs over their backs like scorpion tails. I have consulted vets. They blame the specific cat breed (although they were all different) or tell me to go talk to a doctor. I have talked to doctors. They tell me they are not vets. It’s been a frustrating decade or better. I hope to be moving to a different house in the next two years… I’ll be hollering for joy. In the meanwhile I have to make due and record all the strangeness. There’s still hope I could find a pattern. I did not know if the heavy breed chickens would have problems as they are outside and I historically have believed mold inside the house to be the trigger. Mold I have recently killed. Perhaps not. Its possible this little chick would have suffered this problem no matter where it was born.

In any event the red chick is not going to make it. Its sad but it happens. I believe he was the rooster of the three. While I am occupied with these chicks I have noticed my ditzy Serama pullet Athena is laying eggs all over her cage. I watched tonight as she positioned herself at the top of the highest shelf and tried to lay and egg that’d topple down the ramp. These eggs are empty as she’s not in with a rooster but I think I’ll let her and her sister meet Popcorn tomorrow.

I have also decided I’ve depleted the local resources to find an unrelated Serama rooster. I have contacted a woman who is willing to sell me a dozen eggs. There’s no guarantee they’ll survive the trip but I am willing to try. They should be arriving in a week or two.

Stay tuned for more photos. I will try to post some tomorrow.