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Serama Personalities Clash

Well again, none of Henny Penny’s eggs hatched. All 30+ were infertile. I have been told I might want to switch her with another rooster. Maybe Titus isn’t doing his job or is older than the hills. I am considering it but in the meanwhile Henny Penny has shown more interest in motherhood than she has traditionally, if not for perhaps for the wrong reasons. You see she saw me crack open a couple of the heavy breed eggs to feed to the dog and cat and she took offense. Usually a placid, docile bird, she has taken to angrily pecking my hands and keeping me away from the eggs in her cage which are now numbering four. Never mind she’s refused to use the nesting box I gave her and is kicking them around like soccer balls! Still, if she goes the rest of the way and gets broody maybe she’ll be more successful.

In the meanwhile I have given Popcorn to Henny Penny’s daughter. I was hoping the two would bond and I could introduce the both of them to Athena and Aphrodite more successfully than when I tried just introducing her. Despite being in a completely foreign territory to both parties Athena took offense and immediately beat the crap out of the new little white hen. So she’s been alone since I took her brother Mighty away. I am thinking I might name her Nervous Pervis as since these two events she done nothing but pace the cage and look terrified and lonely. I am not so sure my plot will work…. Athena is not happy with the fact I gave the rooster to Pervis. She has taken to glaring at her through the cage bars and making obnoxiously loud alarm calls trying to rile everyone up. She’s louder than my heavy breed hens!  Looks like I am still in the market for another rooster! That way everyone can be happy.

I was only  able to find two people currently selling Seramas in the area. One was the same person I got Caesar from. She has a rooster that looks a lot like him, who is already an adult, and who is going for “$8 for two roosters!” simply because she has too many boys! I have talked myself out of this… I never figured out why Caesar died so young and the fact he did suggests he was genetically weak in one way or another. Also the the temperament of his two sisters leaves much to be desired. They’re bossy and opinionated with both people and other birds. They are gorgeous and I was hoping Popcorn’s super sweet personality would win over the hearts of any possible chicks but we’ll see. I am skeptical and if they produce chicks that act like themselves I will be cutting them from my breeding program. This may be OK for farm chickens but I’m trying to raise pets here.

The second person in the area with Seramas for sale has three week old chicks. She believes one to be a rooster and the other two hens. She’s making them all go together and is asking $60. She’s also an hour and a half from here. I am skeptical about paying $20 per chick when they’re not even beyond that spontaneous death part of their life, plus she nor I have any idea what they’ll look like growing up, and since I haven’t met the parents I do not know if these birds are sweet or just bred to make more. All three chicks look the same as well. It’s doubtful I will do this.

So that brings me to the last option – buying hatching eggs and having them shipped in. Serama eggs are notoriously difficult to hatch but now I know it wasn’t my fault that mine haven’t been. With the heavy breed eggs progressing nicely I have a belief that so long as the eggs don’t get knocked around the mail too badly some of them should hatch. Depending where I get them from I could probably get at least a dozen eggs, maybe two, for the price of those three chicks in the area. We’ll see. Going to keep my eye out.