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It’s Alive! It’s Alive!

I collected a baker’s dozen of eggs before I had to home Fredo the rooster. I put them in the incubator for two reasons. For one I felt it would be a waste of opportunity not to try this seeing as I can’t really have fully grown heavy breed roosters in my neighborhood. The second reason was more complex. I wanted to know if I could even hatch them in the first place. If I could this would mean my incubation skills are not what is at fault with my failure to hatch my one Serama hen’s eggs.

Today I candled the big eggs. They have been in the incubator for eight days. I can see veins in them and a beating heart. It’s amazing. I sat there staring at one for quite a awhile just in awe that there was something so alive and vibrant in what seems such an ordinary inanimate object. I am trying to figure out how to make a video of this. If I manage I’ll post it! In the meanwhile I candled a few random Serama eggs which have been in the incubator for 18 days. Although there does appear to be something in them I can’t for certain say that they’re alive. I see a big mass but no veins, no heartbeat, no movement at all. I wonder if they died early on in their development. I will wait until they are 23 days old to be sure they’re dead, at which point I’ll be cracking them open to see what happened and when. It is possible that there is something in therm and they will hatch…. maybe they’re just too damn small to see much detail! I am not ruling anything out for now but I haven’t heard any peeping so I have to say I am airing on the side of pessimism right now.