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Godzilla Egg, Gender Confusion, and Other Updates

First off I must say that Fredo the Dark Brahma rooster found a nice home on a farm with 70 new girlfriends. After he’s done servicing them there’s a Dark Brahma flock that wanted him as their head. He’s going to be one busy rooster!

Secondly Mighty the Serama rooster found a home as well and the amount of e-mails I am still getting about this curious “indoor chicken” are still pouring in! I am delighted and don’t think I will have any problem finding homes for the wee ones that I am hoping will hatch in a few days.

My heavy breed girls have been laying 10 or more eggs a day even without their main man out there with them anymore. Let me tell you they really know how to show displeasure with my decisions! After Fredo was put into a box and led away they did not stop making grumpy squabbling hen noises for more than twenty four hours! And when it snowed that night and Fredo wasn’t there to take the first steps into the snow the next morning they decided it was safer just to stay in the coop. Only when I spread their breakfast in the snow did they come dive bombing out of the coop like they were expecting to fall into a pit of lava. It was hilarious. Today they laid me a Godzilla egg. It topped the scale at 2.8 oz. There may be a dinosaur in it. I’m just not sure.

One of my Serama pullets laid an egg a couple days ago but she broke it and had half eaten it before I realized she had it hidden in her enclosure. I have since brought them in the house and put them in a new enclosure, not wanting them to raise chicks in the cold, or eat anymore eggs, but she hasn’t laid another one. In the meantime I was looking at her cage mates and I noticed something strange… There was one obvious rooster, one obvious hen, but the third bird seemed to be both. She had the broad breast of a rooster, the sociability of a hen, and a comb that was exactly in between the two! I don’t know what to make of it. I have written to the woman I got them from to see what she thinks but I also devised a more ingenius way to sex her – ask Mighty, my other rooster. First I put the rooster in front of Mighty’s cage. He was not happy, he fluffed up his feathers, pecked violently at the cage, and just gave a look of, “I know I’ve never met you but I am going to kick your ass!” I then put the obvious hen outside Mighty’s cage. This time he showed interest but was calm and gentle and really just stared. I brought out the mystery bird and settled her in front of Mighty’s cage. Again he just quietly checked her out… so I’m guessing she is a hen… but wow…what a comb and broad breast she has. Maybe she’s a shim! I took a photo of all three standing together so you can see their combs. The mystery chicken is in the back. They are all the same age so this isn’t a “Well he’ll grow into it” sort of thing..

For my final update I am going to try and add a frizzled (curly feathered) rooster to my clan. This way I can split up my trio (who are all related) and give him to those two hens (or at least to the one I know is a hen!) and then I can give their rooster, Caesar, to Mighty’s sister Hera. That way there’s no inbreeding in any of them. I am waiting for the woman to call me back so I can arrange something… she sent a photo this morning. Sadly I am not the only one interested so this might fall through… even though I am willing to drive an hour and half out there to get the little buggar. I’ll tell her to keep my e-mail if she hatches more, though I am not sure if she’s even raising these or just ended up with them somehow. I will keep you all updated!