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Candling Photos

I figured out a way to both take photos and candle the eggs with a cell phone – borrow my boyfriend’s cell phone and use both! It worked…

Here is a Serama egg that I believe is a dud. As you can see there doesn’t appear to be much in it. I guess eggs aren’t supposed to be so porous (looking like they have moon craters) but almost all the eggs I have look like this, even my heavy breed girls. Some say this might be why I am having trouble hatching them. I’m told it might be caused by a lack of calcium but I beg to differ – these eggs are hard! And I have not seen any other calcium problems (i.e. lack of egg laying or laying eggs with little or no shells…) I am confident their food is sufficient in this.


This is an egg that I believe has a chick in it.. As you can see there’s a definite shadow in there. You’re supposed to be able to see veins and whatnot but these eggs have such thick shells I could barely get a light to shine through them this much..