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Candeling Eggs Again

Well, I have to get rid of my Dark Brahma rooster as he’s started to crow – really loudly. I don’t think my neighbors would have much patience for this and I don’t want to get into trouble since I don’t believe I am zoned for roosters to begin with. In any event he’ll probably be going to his new home today. Someone wants him to make Spring chicks. Sounds good to me. In fact I popped a few of his ladies’ eggs in the incubator myself figuring why waste the opportunity? I probably won’t have another rooster for a few years when I move out of here and into a more proper neighbor-less homestead (ah, dreams.) I learned how to tell if an egg is fertile and checked this out this morning. The one I cracked open was. So who knows.

Besides this I have quite a few Serama eggs in the incubator. I threw them in there so half-hazardly (not expecting anything to come of them) that I neglected to write down the date. Little was I to know there actually is hope. I have turned the incubator down a bit believing that perhaps my thermostat is lying. I have also washed the eggs in water and am turning them much more often than I did before. Finally I decided my candling light was not bright enough so I took my camera flashlight app after them. WOW. I can see so much more! Not only that but I think I have potentially 15 Serama chicks on their way with only six duds. I am trying not to get my hopes up too high…. who knows, I could just be staring at a yolk or something. I did take the time to look at the big eggs too and I think its just too early to tell if anything is going on with them. Plus they’re brown and hard to see through to begin with. I would have taken photos but that’s impossible to do when my phone is both my candling light and camera. SIGH.

So today I get to set up cages just in case this is a real scenario. I am trying not to be too excited as it might turn out to be nothing. I haven’t been having the best of luck hatching these little guys, though if I can get the knack of it I can ship in new lines by ordering eggs. This is not to mention I could get new heavy breeds of chickens too. I have my eyes on Barnevelders, Cream Legbars, and Golden Cuckoo Marans. (This would give me dark chocolate eggs as well as blue and all these breeds are very good in cold weather, lay proficiently, are people friendly, and gorgeous.) If that is the route I go I will wait until they are of laying age, get rid of their rooster siblings, and then replace the Orpingtons, and likely the barred Plymouth Rocks. The Orpingtons remain maddeningly stupid and the barred rocks just don’t have much personality to them. They’d be perfect starter birds for someone. We’ll see though. My boyfriend is starting to bring eggs into work to sell. I am contemplating setting up at the bi-weekly farmer’s market in town if I get too overrun.

Well, I guess I am off for now. I have to go find a box to put Fredo in. His new owner wants to pick him up at 4. I hope he likes the new place – though I am sure he will if there’s plenty of hens to go ’round. Will update this again later when I have some photos!