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Another Lost Batch

Well, I am super annoyed now. My incubator did it again! After 23 days I cracked open some of the A-L batch to see why they hadn’t hatched. They stopped developing very early on, sometime in the first week of being put in there which means the temperature must have spiked when I hadn’t realized it. And I thought they wouldn’t hatch because from day 18-21 the incubator refused to go down from 102 degrees no matter how much I turned down the thermostat. I think I will leave a bad review of the HovaBator on Amazon where I got it. I never do this, but come on! This is retarded! I’d have more luck hatching these eggs if I strapped them to myself with a fanny pack and walked around with them! Eggs L-V are still in there but I don’t have much hope for them. I have been popping them in whenever they are laid. L should hatch tomorrow (I strongly doubt it will) and T, U, and V I popped in today after debating a few days what I should do with them.

In the meanwhile I managed to make a very small coop for my pair out of two Rubbermaids, a large swath of pink insulation, and some duct tape. Will have to make another more proper coop for the young trio. That is next on my list. Meanwhile my two miracle chicks are three weeks old now and over three ounces in weight, though they are still growing REALLY slow. I have been weighing them and handling them every day but they still act like I am Godzilla whenever I go to feed, water, clean, or handle them. That being said once they are actually in my hand they seem to calm down pretty quick. I believe Mighty, the little black one, is probably a rooster. The other appears to be a pullet. I am happy I got at least one pullet – she’ll be useful to breed more extremely hardy chicks! And here’s some photos… my camera was fighting with me so they’re not the greatest but its something. I’ll take photos of my finished coop/box tomorrow if all goes well. The last photo is of my Plymouth Rock rooster who is not crowing (and if he decides to never crow he’s more than welcome to stay here – otherwise I’ll have to figure something else out!) he’s lacking a tail because the hens keep pecking at him. I am not quite sure what to do about that.