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Getting Ready for Winter and New Chicks

Well, today is day 18 since putting in the last batch of eggs. Unfortunately I didn’t record how long it took my last two to hatch so I am still in the dark about when to expect them with people saying Serama eggs hatch anywhere between 18-21 days. I have been weighing the eggs everyday but I don’t believe the scale I had was sensitive enough to catch much. However most eggs started out at 1 oz, went down to 0.9 after a few days and remained there. Today I was shocked to see the eggs were anywhere from 0.3 to 0.9. I thought my scale was broken! Worse still I thought they’d been cooked again as my incubator, which has behaved itself all this time, went up to 103 degrees again for no reason yesterday. UGH. No one should ever buy a HovaBator! They’re possessed! But anyway, I guess this massive weight loss is normal right before a chick is to hatch. I don’t hear any peeping yet but I am going to guess I am going to start hearing peeping tonight, get a few chicks tomorrow and the day after. We shall see!

In the meanwhile I am trying to get everyone ready for winter, which includes making at least two separate small insulated coops for the Seramas. I was going to build them out of the massive pile of scrap wood we have left over from building the big coop and finishing the basement but sadly I learned all too quickly I don’t have the muscle power for it. I could overcome all obstacles but when you don’t have the strength to operate a mechanical screwdriver you’re a bit screwed, no pun intended. I could of course ask my boyfriend to rig something up but I desperately want to finish something on my own (helping for him just means to make the whole damn thing for me.) So I devised ways of making two chicken tractors complete with insulated mini coops without working with a lot of wood. I am making one out of an old rusted California King parrot cage and I am making another out of two Rubbermaids that I’ll be attaching to the bunny cage they’ve already been living in. Both coops will be insulated, big enough for the few birds I have, and small enough for them to heat it themselves with their own body heat, and they’ll both be attached to outdoor runs and easy to close at night to protect them from predators. I’ll be attaching photos of my progress soon. Today however it is pouring outside and I need to be off to go get some chicken feed anyway.