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More Surprises!

When Mighty hatched I was shocked and a bit sad as I thought he or she would be growing up an only chick. Still, since several more of the eggs still felt heavy I left them in the incubator and much to my surprise I woke up this morning to find another chick lying on the grate drying off. It was a wet little white ball, no shell attached. I scooped her out and put her in with Mighty who responded with sheer terror, zipping across the brooder cage faster than a flash of light. I had to laugh. They’ve been together all day and the new chick still prefers to cuddle the plushie in their cage as opposed to poor little Mighty.

Two more eggs feel heavy to me and an additional two are somewhat less heavy. The one remaining egg I do believe is a dud as it feels very light. Still, does this mean there could be more? Tomorrow and the day after?? This is highly unusual but then again the incubation in there has been sporadic and random. I guess its to be expected. I’ll keep watching it. The more that hatch the more hope I’ll have of buying some Barnevelder eggs from Maine or Connecticut to eventually replace those Buff Orpingtons.

I borrowed a scale out of curiosity to see how much they weighed in at. They are both the same weight – a little under 20 grams, at 0.7 oz. Can you imagine? That is the weight of 8 pennies. I’ll take more photos soon. I should have time to photograph the whole crew tomorrow. It should be fun!