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Cracking Open the Duds

Well, today was the 24th day of incubation so I figured the eggs were well beyond actually hatching. I cracked open three of the original batch. There was a mass of cells within the yolk that formed a semi-clear blob. One was more developed than the other two but I do believe they all died between 6-8 days of age. Perhaps my incubator has been acting up all along. I have no real hope of batch #2 hatching in there, pretty sure they’ve been fried too. Contemplating buying the $12 incubator I saw. It only incubates three large eggs at a time but that could easily be 6 or 7 Serama eggs right? I didn’t take any photos as it would have been hard to see anyway but I will note those eggs were HARD. I could barely crack them open myself! Is this going to be an issue if I do get them to develop all the way? I also must turn them more often as two were glued to the shell. SIGH. Life is but a learning process.