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Serama Photos and Musings

Well there’s no peeping coming from the eggs and the incubator is getting more insanely fickle. The temperatures are weaving out of control. I have no idea what’s wrong with it but I am seriously unhappy. Paid more than $80 for an incubator made out of foam (yes, like a cooler!) because everyone raved about it. UGH. Contemplating investing in a plastic model.

In any event I took some photos of the seven week old Seramas. I think I know their colors now too. The rooster, Little Caesar, is a badly marked Mille Fleur who displays far too much white. Some Cochin breeders are purposely breeding this color and calling it calico. I like that.

I think I will be calling this chick Athena as she’s got a fighting spirit that is unmatched! I think she is a Blue Partridge but we shall see.
She’s surprisingly photogenic.

Contemplating naming this one Aphrodite but we’ll see. I think she’s going to turn out to be a gold laced which is absolutely gorgeous. Not sure why she has green feet. I wonder if they’ll stay that color.

I have read that Seramas only live 3-7 years. This seems a remarkably short lifespan especially for a bird that matures so late (up to 18 months of age.) I do believe that should I be successful I will try to raise this. It’s a difficult process but I had succeeded in this goal before when I was breeding rats. I took notoriously short lived furless and by breeding the oldest males possible through the generations I was able to establish a line that lived 3 years on average. I was very proud of this and believe I can reproduce the results in these lovely little birds.