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All Kinds of Odds n’ Ends, Updates, and Plans

Well the chicken thing has been going really well. The chicks have gotten more than used to their run and coop and now delightfully hop around them all day. They have all but killed the grass within it but I am sure I will be tossing them lots of lawn clippings. They are all growing like weeds and the chicks are actually as big as my Serama hen now. I will be thrilled to know their full potential.

We did end up with at least one rooster – the partridge Plymouth Rock I suspected before has grown quite a distinctive comb and I am told he’ll be crowing soon. Seeing as I have many neighbors within earshot of a rooster I can’t afford to be that obnoxious. My Serama rooster is fine as he sounds like a broken toy, only goes off a half dozen times a day, and his voice really doesn’t carry. I will hope any future Serama roosters might actually be silent as this sometimes happens. In any event I put up an ad on Craigslist, with an adoption fee hoping someone would like him for stud or just to add a splash of color to their flock.

Meanwhile I am completely perplexed when it comes to guessing the identity of my mystery chick. I can’t even venture to guess its gender anymore as its stopped acting so, well, cocky. I just don’t know but I did take a photo of him today as well as the rooster (seen in the back there.) I must say that mystery chick Fredo is very docile towards people. He’s exceptionally handlable and still looks like a pigeon to me.

My Serama hen and rooster get to spend their days in a four level cat cage which they like but recently my ditzy hen has been lying her eggs on the top level and watching them tumble precariously to the bottom. This was never meant as permanent housing but responsibilities fixing my own housing has kept me from building their itty bitty run and coop. So instead I made a negotiation for the temporary housing. I put the lovely pair in an old outdoor rabbit cage/hutch. I adorned it with perches and a shoebox with which to lay the eggs. I will be trying it out tomorrow. Today they spent an hour in it it before it got dark which was not enough time for them to really feel comfortable with it. In the meanwhile I have been looking up different styles of little coops and decided I want to build something like the picture below. Granted it will not be as pretty as I will be making it of cob and I can’t say I have a need for that many doors. Also mine will be heated and likely much more structurally sound. This one is going for $400 brand new which usually means its made out of the cheapest materials possible and not meant to last a hell of a long time. I’d also very likely make the run part of it a lot longer, keeping the roofed part for rainy days. This is supposed to be good for four regular sized chickens. Really? Even for Seramas I find this small…

I will be going on an adventure tomorrow in the hopes of bringing home some future Serama hens. They’re just chicks now and the woman who has them doesn’t know how to sex them before their combs start coming in and they start crowing. I however have been looking at chick photos and have been told Seramas are pretty easy to sex based on the position of their wings. The males hold their wings straight up and down while the females look more like a normal chicken. With this knowledge I am hoping to pick up 1-3 chicks, likely all hens unless I see a gorgeous potential roo. Then maybe.  Here are the photos the woman took.


I guess that is all I really have to say for tonight but do feel free, if you’re still in a reading mood, to check out an article I wrote: 12 Utterly Bizarre Chicken Breeds