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Egg Updates

Well out of the seven eggs I put into the incubator it appears that six are indeed developing. They are five days into incubation and in another thirteen or so I should start seeing if they’ll successfully hatch themselves. I really hope so. I hear Seramas have this awful predisposition to being stuck in their own eggs. Some people help them out while others say its better to let nature take its course and that the chick probably wouldn’t survive anyway. Some people who have helped out struggling chicks report varying degrees of success, most say the chicks do die despite the help. In any event I hope all goes well! I am super excited to see what comes out of this. In the meantime I have contacted a local serama hobbyist and I will be going over there on Thursday to see if she has any chicks I could possibly grow up to add to my wee flock of two. If they seem robust and I like the place and the chicks I am going to try for two hopefully future hens but we shall see!

In the meanwhile our heavy breed chicks are loving the outdoors. They ghoulishly catch small frogs and rip them to pieces while trying to keep their frog section away from the others. I’m more amused tossing in five grapes and watching them play tag with them. Whoever gets the first initial bite thinks they’re special. It’s really cute. They have been herding themselves in at night around 6-7PM and are extremely enthusiastic to charge outside in the morning to eat. They love their coop so much now that they spend a good part of the day in it as well. I hope to get some perches in there soon as they are getting to that stage they might appreciate them! Should my Seramas hatch successfully I am contemplating shipping in some Barnevelder eggs. They are the breed of chicken my Dutch boyfriend grew up with and wanted… they were not easy to find in the US! In any event they are beautiful birds and would be nice to replace my Orpintons and maybe the roosters with. We shall see!