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More Serama Musings

My hen started laying eggs again so I started to collect them from her. I now have 7 eggs in my new incubator and two that are waiting to be popped in when I get four or five more to go with them. She consistently lays one every two days for now, until she gives it up. I’m not sure when that will be but so far I have no complaints! I tried getting in touch with another Serama breeder nearby but they never responded. Should these eggs hatch I may consider shipping in some hatching eggs or some fully grown birds from elsewhere. I’ll probably end up doing the latter and am still excited about the prospect.

Still I did come across a thread today that may have revealed some nastiness in the chicken breeding world. It was a bunch of breeders of other breeds of chickens saying Seramas were just “mutts” and that they could in fact breed true if their breeders had any understanding of genetics. They called out the breeders to make a standard with only a few chosen colors and try to breed for perfection there. Really? You want to take an awesome thing like having a chicken that can be any gorgeous color ever and just breed them all to be pure boring meat-chicken white like our only current Serama standard? Where is the fun in that and besides shouldn’t we be concentrating more on breeding healthy docile birds than ones that fit some judge’s ideal of beauty? I will bet you anything that I will understand Serama genetics when I get into it. It seems a joyful challenge to me not unlike the fancy rats I used to breed but as with the fancy rats you won’t see me trying to breed out unique colors and patterns just because they aren’t “standard.” Blah, these people lack imagination, tolerance, and acceptance that some people might actually like breeding for a lot of colors and patterns, it breaks up the monotony. They even bitched that “pet quality” birds were being sold at the same price a show bird should be sold. My answer to that is no shit Sherlock, because they’re usually going as pets to someone who wants a chicken or a couple as… pets. Pets cost money. These chickens aren’t big enough to eat so what else is going to happen to them? They’ll be petted out! Pet owners don’t care about showing or paperwork or registries. Ask anyone with a purebred dog or cat this. They’ll say they got papers but they don’t care so long as the animal in question is what they paid for (a good healthy loving pet.)

I helped run my mother’s cockatiel and parakeet aviary many years ago when I was a tween and young teenager. It was my introduction into the breeding world and I will say without a doubt that the bird breeders I came across were all horrible, catty, self-righteous bitches. All were women, all scammed us in one way or another, and they lacked ethics like no one’s business selling defunct and sick birds to unsuspecting people whenever they found a target while simultaneously making it clear no one on the planet could take care of parrot or other exotic bird as well as they could because as breeders they just knew it all. We got burned a lot by these people. I went on to run my rattery/rodentry for many years and my experience with those people was the complete opposite. They were down to earth, sweet, caring, kind, very knowledgeable people who were happy, eccentric, and humble. Ethics were the cornerstone to any breeding program and the pet owners who bought from us respected and appreciated that. I was hoping to find the same in the chicken world as chickens are so much different than parrots and exotic aviary birds but maybe all bird people are the same. If that is the case my Serama project will be short lived indeed as I have no patience whatsoever for that. I breed to engineer a more docile, healthier, longer lived, and perhaps more beautiful animal but I also breed because I like the people. I like talking to them, interacting with them, answering their questions, and just generally being around them but they have to be likable people! If they turn out not to be than fuck it, I will find some other hobby.