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New Arrangements and Lots of Personalities

The chickies are doing so well that I have allowed them a few supervised play dates in the run. I snapped lots of photos as I watched them react to their new environment.  The barred rocks were all very curious to see what I was doing, the partridge rocks were more interested in pecking the grass. I am somewhat annoyed one of the five appears to be a rooster. I hope I am wrong as this means I will have to home him and have just four of these beautiful fowl in the flock as one died at less than a week of age. The Brahmas enjoyed a lot of exploring as well and the Cornish…. well, they have a special place in my heart. Boekal saw my camera flash and launched herself across the pen in an attempt to karate chop my camera. I must say being attacked by such a tiny ball of feathers shows she’s quite plucky! Later she chilled out a bit and dug a hole to China. I caught a short video of her adding the finishing touches to it that I will post below. Finally Boekal stood and stared at my cell phone when I had it on speaker. She could not figure out why she could hear my boyfriend’s voice but you could tell she was really thinking hard about it for a good three minutes. I was also shocked to learn she knows her name, popping her head up whenever I call her. Her behavior often times seems so parrot-like that I really wonder how smart she really is. My mystery chick has quite some pluck too, challenging every one of the other chickens with aggressive chest bumps and stomping on their heads whenever they fall asleep in the grass. So far the only chick who is higher on the totem pole is Boekal. While all this was going on my Orpintongs were doing what they do best – nothing. One took three steps before lying down in the grass and staying put for an hour. She didn’t even get up to peck the grass, she just laid in the same spot to do so. These are the laziest animals I have ever seen. And lastly the smallest of the chicks (a Brahma) is growing intensely slowly but she did get most of her wing feathers in. She’s fallen so behind in growth she’s about a third of the size as the rest and doesn’t need to be pointed out. I think she will end up a bantam even though this was never the intention!

All that being said here are some snaps. I will be writing another entry soon on the Seramas and the laying hens’ coop.