Day 16 – The Chicks Visit the Outdoors

So today the chicks are sixteen days old. Boy does the time fly! And speaking of flying, some of the bigger chicks have already started leaping into the air, flapping their little baby wings like mad. Gravity seems to be winning out on this one and none of them have actually made it anywhere. Still I guess its time to put a cover on the tank!

Since I have separated the little ones from the bigger ones I have noticed a difference. Some of the smaller ones caught up quite fast while some of the larger ones fell behind a bit. After I clean them I have been switching them into the right group for them. In the meanwhile I have stopped feeding them Dumont feed as they did not have a fifty pound bag at the grain store and I wasn’t going to pay for another 5 pound bag. They are insatiable eating machines. Since changing them over to Purina they have grown a ton and are eating more. I am content with this new choice of feed.

The Brahmas are by far the friendliest of all of them, running up to the door of their cage to greet me along with one of the barred rocks. I have started naming them. Nadia seemed to fit the largest of all the chicks and Chicken Little seemed to fit the tiniest one. Both of these extreme chicks are bizarrely enough Light Brahmas. The Barred Rock that also runs to greet me seems to have the sense of humor in the bunch. She goes absolutely mental for bugs and whenever she catches one  she holds it in her beak running frantically around the cage to make sure no one gets it from her. Sadly this behavior generally causes all the other chicks to notice she’s eating something good and they’ll start to harass her until she swallows her treat in one gulp. I was pretty shocked to find she swallowed a grub she’d found in this same manner even though the squishy treat was larger than her head. Boekal remains an intense chicken. I was taking all the other chicks outside in batches to see them enjoy the sunshine, fresh air, and apparently delicious dirt and grass. Boekal I knew I could only take out by herself because she’s quite the handful! While the other chicks were afraid on their first outing, sticking by me and trying to climb into my lap, Boekal took her little field trip as a personal challenge. She wanted nothing to do with me as she was dead-set on exploring and when it was time to go inside she made me chase her little butt around the run! And boy is she fast! all of the chicks are quite fleet-footed but Boekal is the cheetah of them all.

I have to leave for a week tomorrow and will miss the chickies dearly. My boyfriend will have the responsibility of taking care of them, including their daily cleanings. He’s up to it I’m sure and as for myself, I won’t be able to contain my curiosity to see how much they’ve grown in my absence. As it stands now they are growing the prettiest feathers and sweetest personalities. Let’s hope this continues!