Day 9 – Happy Chickies Moving Up in the World

So the chicks are growing up fast. They are probably three times the size they were when I got them and suffice to say the 20 gallon aquarium was getting a bit cramped. Also some of the smaller birds are lagging behind so I decided to split the group into two smaller groups, putting the larger chicks in an old wire dog crate. Granted the dog crate has been outside an is starting to rust. The chicks don’t seem to mind. When I put the thirteen plump ones in there they immediately started kicking the bedding everywhere like they had suddenly turned into little fluffy ninjas. I threw some seeds and table scraps in there and they went even more nuts, running wildly from one side of the cage to the other pecking everything in sight. It was a great delight to watch them. Meanwhile Special, the cat, was disturbed to see the chicks nose to nose and ran off in terror. I have not seen him since.