Day 8 – Back to the Blogging!

Well I have great news – we haven’t lost any chicks since my last update and they’re all growing like weeds. In fact they eating so much that I have already had to go out and buy a second bag of food. I have started to feed them table scraps to supplement their diet. They’re iffy about bread, love blueberries, corn, and bugs, and seem to completely ignore apple slices, which is odd as apples are red the color they’re supposed to be attracted to (which is why all the feeders are red.) In any event since starting to feed them table scraps they have grown much faster. This makes me wonder if the feed is all that great for them. What is it? All corn? I wonder.

These little ones have gotten to the point I definitely need to clean them daily or they do smell badly of chicken. That’s fine. I took some photos today of the little buggars who for the most part have their wings grown in and some are sprouting wee tail feathers. The only chicken to completely lag behind is the mystery chick who has grown in size but is just starting to sprout wing feathers. I still have no idea what she is. Meanwhile the brahmas seem to be the most docile, the rocks are also very docile and cuddly, the mystery chick is the most subdued of them all, and  the buff orpingtons continue to just let me think they’re unspeakably numb. My favorite chick remains one of the two Cornish which I have named Boekel (Boo-kle.) She is sharp as a whip, runs circles around the rest, and has a high pitches scream like a hawk. She’s a super curious go-getter with a mind all her own, not being terribly fond of my insistence of picking her up on a daily basis. Oh well, in time she may come around.