Day 4 – They’re Getting Wee Wings!

Today’s been a great day. We had no mortalities and everyone seems to be growing strong. I have been noticing a few things though. I read Cornish are the tastiest chickens there are but they have a slow grow rate. The meat industry likes to cross Cornish with the faster growing (and bigger) Plymouth Rocks for the ideal meat hybrid. The funny thing about my chicks is the rocks are the smallest and slowest growing of my entire flock. My Cornish have not grown as much in size as some of the others but they are developing their wings at an almost alarming rate. I’m a bit perplexed but no at all unhappy.

These guys peck at everything. Yesterday I got a few quick pinches on my arm and I looked down only to find one of the chicks I had out was trying to eat one of my freckles. It managed to get a tiny piece of skin and I gagged. Meanwhile they have proven themselves fierce pursuers of moths.

I took some photos of the little firecracker Cornish. We’ll see if anyone else sees that unmistakable flicker in her eyes. And check out that eye liner! I think its so damned cute, too bad she won’t be keeping it! Her wing feathers are growing in very nice. I have no idea why she has her foot turned around backwards in the last photo. I assure you it’s not broken.

The next chick up was the mystery chicken who I am guessing is a partridge Cochin. I’m pretty sure it’s a hen as she is so very docile and quiet. She’s going to be a very sweet chicken.

Ahhh! She got the camera cord!

After this it was one of the Barred Rocks who got to have a minute in the spotlight… I must say the Barred Rocks as a group are the smallest chicks I have right now but they are very sweet and cuddly. This one was somewhat distressed I took it away from the others. It only was calm when I was holding close to me. SIGH.

And then the partridge Rock who proved photogenic. I love their little chocolate colored fuzz! This group of chicks has calmed down considerably and have stopped fighting to get away from me when I handle them. This is a plus because they were pretty wild before!

Lastly one of the Buff Orpintongs. I am still struggling to find any personality whatsoever in this bunch. They seem as vanilla as can be. They are content to sit wherever you plop them and not surprisingly they’ve gotten quite fat and are maintaining their title as the largest chicks in this flock.

Here is a group photo of them all trying to desperately escape the camera. I think they shall be outgrowing their aquarium by the end of the week. Good thing I have more aquariums to separate them into!

And I think I’ll leave off this post with a photo of Special who is still somewhat afraid of those very loud chicks but who nonetheless is very cute himself.